Little People Big Feelings offers natural balms for children

Little People Big Feelings is an Australian owned business supplying a natural solution to assist and empower children with their emotional feelings.

Made Only From Natural Materials

Little People Big Feelings balm range is enriched with a combination of essential oils that have been used for centuries to encourage a change in emotions, mindset and physiology.

Avocado butter and Jojoba oil are gentle on young skin and assist our balms in absorbing into the skin quickly.

Little People Big Feelings source strictly safe and suitable ingredients for young skin to ensure only the best and most effective natural products are being absorbed into your little one’s body.

Our Products

Our four natural balms to aid your little people with BIG FEELINGS

Our Story

From as young as 10 years old I can remember thinking that helping children is what I wanted to do. Jump to years later and I am a Foster Carer and Mum of three. Foster care has brought many different and beautiful, sweet children into my life. As sweet as they are some of these children would take up to four hours to fall asleep and we all know Mums don’t have time to be tired! I can recall one child especially, for no less than three months I spent four hours every single night, reading books, singing, giving back rubs, long car rides, anything I could to help him settle.

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