Our Story

"From as young as 10 years old I can remember thinking that helping children is what I wanted to do. "


Jump to years later and I am a Foster Carer and Mum of three. Foster care has brought many different and beautiful, sweet children into my life. As sweet as they are some of these children would take up to four hours to fall asleep and we all know Mums don’t have time to be tired!


I can recall one child especially, for no less than three months I spent four hours every single night, reading books, singing, giving back rubs, long car rides, anything I could to help him settle. I knew I needed to help these children settle and calm their bodies on a physiological level so that while I was doing the comforting and connecting, their bodies could also be calming down on the inside.


I wanted something natural, nasty free and safe for their young skin.


Que, nights of research, days on testing formulas and a house full of ingredient samples and months later I had my very first Sweet Dreams Balm (or as we say in our house, “Sleep Bum Bum” because my two year old can’t say balm and enjoys the giggle after every time he says “bum”). Sweet Dreams Balm then became a staple in our night time routine. My children loved the time we would spend together getting ready for bed and rubbing the Sweet Dreams Balm on. Amongst our busy day it was always a valuable, reconnecting moment.


Following the success of this I decided to create more Balms for other times I noticed my children struggling with their big feelings. With the advice from a Naturopath, Children’s Psychologist and my seven-year old’s imagination we brought to life our range of Superhero Balms.


Using these Balms we acknowledge, connect and empower our children. Little People Big Feelings Balms are the perfect side kick for any little super hero.

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